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Knee Injury

Posted in Vanity with tags , on February 6, 2008 by niennavarda

Ang sakit ng tuhod ko! I haven’t been able to walk properly for 2 days now.

Jenny-sensei and I decided to join a gym program to get the body we want by Sir Tibo’s wedding. But I guess I overdid it (or our instructor wasn’t really paying attention to my form) and I got my left knee injured. Great. One week’s worth of a sedentary life again. The body fats would just go back right in. And to top it of, to be handicapped (even for just a week) is such a bummer. Climbing the stairs to my office is such a pain and I can’t run to to log in before the cut-off time for tardiness strikes. Great, just great. I am paying the price for my vanity.

I hope I would get my knee’s normal usage back soon. I miss my jogging mates and and I am so looking forward to our hip hop abs sessions. Plus, I have a Kabuki performance to watch this Thursday with Jenny-sensei at Makatibukas na pala yun! I guess I’ll just have to limp for now. (Sigh).