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Natsu Yasumi (August 17): Birthday Bash for August Celebrants

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We celebrated Jem (Aug 17), Lau (Aug 25) and M’s (Aug 31) birthday by indulging into gluttony at the Carne Station at Ginza. For only 1000 yen (lunch time) we got to stuff our bellies with tabehodai (eat-all-you-can) yakiniku red meat for an hour 😀 Highly recommended for meat lovers. Too bad it only lasted an hour.

Because lunch finished early and we were up for more partying, the gang went to the Big Echo Karaoke at Ginza to burn some calories we accumulated from the tabehodai. We had so much fun that I think we spent around 5-6 hours singing and dancing and shouting. Hahaha. I had bit too much Smirnoff Ice that some episodes were a bit hazy. Hehehe.

Kaladkaran peeps at the Big Echo, Ginza

Kaladkaran peeps at the Big Echo, Ginza

After the Karaoke, Tid, Jem, Orson, Justin and I checked out an Indian restaurant at Ginza. It was a bit pricey but had the best lamb curry I’ve ever had 🙂 I so miss Prince of Jaipur back home.

After the meal at some Indian resto in Ginza

After the meal at some Indian resto in Ginza

More pictures of the day’s happenings from Ramil and Orson 🙂

The week flew by so fast but it was a week well spent. So far one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. Looking forward to actually living life some more 😀 As for the rest of the week, who said you can’t live life to the fullest at weekdays? 🙂

Kugenuma Kaigan Beach and Jac’s Birthday Party

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Kaladkaran at the Kugenuma Kaigan Beach

Kaladkaran at the Kugenuma Kaigan Beach - picture taken by Gabby (M is somewhere out there) 🙂

Went to the Kugenuma Kaigan Beach with the Kaladkaran gang last Saturday to make sense out of the summer heat. It is true that the beaches in Japan are NOTHING compared to the beaches back home but it’s just so freaking hot lately that any body of water to dip yourself into would suffice. The waves are great for body surfing and tried my hand at it. Got scraped elbows and multiple sun burns from the experience but it was so much fun! I wish I was a better swimmer so I would have the confidence to swim further out into the sea and catch better waves but I am not so I just contented myself with those I could catch. It was still loads of fun anyway 🙂 Hope I’ve become a better swimmer next time.

Got darker by a thousand degrees and body pains to infinity but would definitely do it again! Plus any gimmick with the Kaladkaran gang is bound to be fun 😀 Kulitan elevated into an art form 😛


Ishy-babeh and I at the Kugenuma Kaigan Beach (sunburnt and all) 😛

After the beach and a staggering 800 yen shower (Yep pinatulan ko. Unlike the guys, di ko kayang tiisin ang kalagkitan ng karagatan for 1 and a half hours sa tren 😛 and besides sabi ng mga namamahala kawaii daw ako, hehehe) , off to Jac’s party we went. Inuman na naman ito! Parang di ko lang kaiinom the night before at sabog pa from absinthe the day itself. Wehehehe. Saya!

It was a night of pancit, beef steak (beaf steak ba yun? wehehehe), shrimp-thinga-ma-jigs (hehe, sorry di ko alam pangalan ng dish 😛 hehei), chu-hi and more absinthe at Jac’s and Guia’s beautiful apartment at Nagayama. Discovered that I have a natural talent for playing Wii. Hehehe, kicked a lot of butts. Wehehehe. Super fun! Too bad I wasn’t able to stay awake for as long as the other people were. Was so tired from body boarding and was still sabog from absinthe the night before. 😛

Looking forward to the next drinking spree, guys!

Jac's Birthday Party with Vanush and Laiza

Jac's Birthday Party with Vanush and Laiza

Had to face the long trek to Bubaigawara and Nishi-Funabashi early the next day to get the free microwave I looted from Tokyo Free Cycle. Was hoping I can still drag the thing halfway Tokyo with whatever energy that’s still left in me. Arrgh, and it’s going to be so freakin hot again! On the other hand, adventure na naman iyon 😛

La Vie Boheme – Absinthe Night

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“Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the self. The green fairy who lives in the absinthe wants your soul.”

– Dracula


Tinats and the Green Fairy

It was absinthe night and kare-kare at my apa-to in Bubaigawara. Quite an uncanny combination but a fun, FUN! night because of Meema, Tinats and Ramil. First time to drink absinthe and was feeling kind of cheeky to be one with poets and artists who were hooked with the stuff. Too bad I’m not as artsy fartsy given the lack of talent.

Did not reach the point of seeing green fairies but absinthe has this effect of making you feel really happy and satisfied 😛 Kind of mendoukusai to prepare but worth it! Contrary to popular belief, it does not make you crazy or socially dissident. Ganun na yata talaga kami, I think 😛

It was beach day with the Kaladkaran group at Kugenuma Kaigan and Jac’s birthday party the next day. Inuman na naman! Saya!!!