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I Want to Sulk

Posted in Food Review, Happenings on February 26, 2008 by niennavarda

… but Lem brought Royal bibingka from Vigan (which is by the way, the best bibingka in the whole wide universe)! And that pretty much made my morning 🙂 Mamaya na ko magnyo-nyornyor about my sullen existence. Hehehehe 🙂 Salamat, Lem! 🙂


Posted in Food Review with tags , on January 31, 2008 by niennavarda


I love food and I love checking out new restaurants. People have been goading me to write about my food experiences but I have been unable to due to my deadly sickness called sloth.

But then, I’ve changed! First jogging then my very first food review! I must really be inspired. Hehehe.

First stop, Gumbo! The two branches I know are in the The Block and SM Mall of Asia. I’ve also recently found out that there’s a branch at Robinson’s Place Manila. Jenny-sensei and I went to Gumbo, the Block last night betraying our jogging mates of our sacred pact of eating healthy, low fat foods until Sir Tibo’s wedding (I’m very sorry, guys!). Babawi na lang kami mamaya. hehehe 😛

We had their best-seller, Jambalaya, Buffalo Wings and Hurricane (and because I wasn’t listening closely enough, I didn’t quite get it if this was a rum-based drink or something else :P). The Buffalo Wings was good especially if you are particularly fond of the moldy aftertaste some cheese have (the dressing was made of some cheese concoction and I hope the moldy aftertaste was really how it should be. hehe). The Jambalaya however, did not meet my expectation. I mean what’s all the hype? The flavor was good enough and the seafood was cooked the way it should be but I guess I’m just not a big fan of mushy rice. The texture reminds me of a lot of disgusting things. Hehehe. The Hurricane was sooo sweet, Jenny-sensei and I weren’t able to finish our glasses.

But Gumbo isn’t really all that bad. That’s why I came back. The first time I visited Gumbo was with my siblings last December. We had putanesca, some sort of marinara pizza, which I forgot the name (Sorry, walang kwentang food blogger. Ang tagal na kasi nun eh, hehe) and the complimentary Buffalo Wings. The putanesca and pizza was great! You can distinctly taste the different ingredients and they all blend perfectly. The servings were huge, too. This gives Gumbo a big + in my book. The food would have been sublime if we were able to wash them down with some white wine. But unfortunately, Gumbo does not serve white wine by the glass and we can’t finish a whole bottle so we just had to content ourselves with some beer. I should also give it to Gumbo for its excellent service. Our service charge was not wasted. Hehehe.

Overall, I give Gumbo an A- rating. Good food, great ambiance, excellent service 🙂

(By the way, since I didn’t bring a camera with me, the picture above was just shameless taken from this site. I would like to extend my thanks to the author and photographer :))