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Delete Me

Posted in Fact is Stranger than Fiction with tags on August 8, 2008 by niennavarda

Got this YM message from a churchmate back in the Philippines asking me whether my old Philippine mobile number has roaming or not. I don’t know about you but I have this notion that when somebody asks you this sort of question, he usually has some intent of contacting you. But then…

xxx: aileen, is your old phone no. on roaming?
yeyenman: no
xxx: delete ko na then
yeyenman: why do you need to call or text me? (late na-enter and was wondering what important message was needed to be sent)
yeyenman: ah ok (huh? basag, shet)

xxx: no, just saw your name in my phonebook

Sheesh, maybe I was just shocked or a bit too sensitive this day that I honestly feel kind of irked. I mean here I am trying to work (or not, hahaha, geez, aileen puro ka nga party eh), trying hard not to remember that, hey you’re working in a foreign country away from the life you knew (this coming from someone who does nothing but embrace everything Japan has to offer) and you receive this heartless message informing you that you are about to be deleted from his list of contacts. Comforting, really. I mean just how many bytes of memory space do I occupy in your phone? Kind of reminds me of the opening scene in the movie Amelie, when this guy after coming from his friend’s funeral goes straight to his apartment and erases his friend’s contact details. Difference is that I AM NOT DEAD YET. Geez, if you want to erase my number, just do so. You don’t have to tell me about it, okay?

Anyway, this may just have been a bad day. I hate rejection. I hate being forgotten. I hate being taken for granted and any of its forms. Hmph. I hate this day.

Refer to Psych

Posted in Fact is Stranger than Fiction, Peculiarities on February 18, 2008 by niennavarda


I went to see my doctors at the East Ave. Medical Center last Saturday with my siblings and Kuya Caloy to have my knee checked. It was my first time to go to the said hospital and I just want to ask, why is the Orthopedic Department, for the love of everything good, located at the building’s 6th floor? I mean, it just doesn’t make sense. Does the administration get some sadistic pleasure from seeing their physically challenged patients limp, grope and struggle all the way to the 6th floor? Anyway, just a thought. For all I know they think the exercise would do us good.

Anyway, as I was saying, I went to see my doctors to have my knee checked. I was kind of embarrassed to tell my doctors at first as to how I got my injury in the first place (I mean being hit by a truck sounds way better than injuring your knee for lack of active neurons ). I mean, how’s sheer stupidity for a reason, right? But the good thing was my doctors were all good natured and understanding (stupidity does occur in the species) and such things do happen (to about .0000000000000000001% of the population).

They went through the routine of poking my knee, bending my leg to different angles and checking for my x-ray. After a couple of minutes of tests (and about 45 minutes of waiting for the x-ray), my doctors found… nothing. Yes, nothing. According to my doctors, it doesn’t seem like I have meniscal injuries since I could contract certain muscles in my leg and not feel pain and my x-ray showed that I have no fractures whatsoever. Ummm… so the pain was just like ummm… in my mind? “So I’ll just have to refer you to psych then…”, was my doctor’s reply. Great. I knew I was going crazy right from the very beginning.

Kidding aside, my doctors told me that I just strained my knee too much and gave me kick ass meds to relieve the pain and to aid me walking. They also told me to try to walk my left leg normally, else I’d be saying hello to atrophy next. I’ll be visiting them again in a week to give an update on my follow up check-up.

I could say that my knee feels better now and I could walk without any assistance. The drugs make me feel woozy but it beats the hell out of not being able to walk without benevolent souls around me. To my doctors, thank you, thank you, thank you very much 🙂

But I must say, there’s still this voice I hear every now and then telling me this is not the end to it. I guess I need a different doctor for that.

Maalindog Pala Ako Eh!

Posted in Fact is Stranger than Fiction on January 21, 2008 by niennavarda

My sister’s neighbor/friend made this comment to her during their drinking party last Saturday:


“Ang ganda ng ate mo, noh? Yung ganda niya yung tipong… maalindog…”


Ayos! Hehehe. Di ko alam kung matutuwa ba ko o kelangan ko nang magtago. Anyways, maalindog pala, ha? Patay kayo sa alindog ko! Wehehehehe 😀