Backtrack: Fuji-Q Highlands

Uber tagal na nito but just felt the need to backtrack 😛



Kaladkaran at Fuji-Q (picture from Tha 🙂

Went to Fuji-Q Highlands with the Kaladkaran gang last June 8. It was the first major Kaladkaran excursion I ever joined. It has only been barely a month since I arrived but I already want to cover as much of Japan’s territory as I possibly can 😀

The trip was soooo much fun! It was an awesome day. It’s one of those experiences you would never forget the for the rest of your life. It was my first roller coaster ride, too (Fujiyama involving a 79m drop-weeeeeeee)! Talk about desensitizing one’s self of his fear of heights and quenching one’s need for speed!

Oh my Goooood!” is all that I can say. Fun! Fun! Fun!

P Thanks to Scion for the picture!

That's me on the left anticipating the loops and drops of the 4-D roller coaster Eenjanaika. Regina on the right still so poised. Hahaha, di halatang takot 😛 Thanks to Scion for the picture!

More pictures here, here and here. Thanks to Scion, Tha and Sheen 🙂

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  1. I needs mora proof I can’t comunicate

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