Are you sleep-walking through your waking state or wake-walking through your dreams?

First came across that question when watching the live action rotoscoped film Waking Life with my sister a few years back. Too bad my attention span couldn’t take the film back then and ended up sleeping 3/4ths into the movie. The premise stuck, though and enters my mind every so often.

Was having this conversation with tinats yesterday regarding Imago’s song, Idlip and the following lines stuck:

Neither awake nor asleep
Dwell somewhere in between
Neither someone or something
Be it life alone
I walk it like a park
Half real, half fancy

Made me ask myself again whether I’m sleep-walking through my waking state or wake-walking through my dreams. Most of the time, I feel like I lie in that thin line between waking and sleeping,γ€€that point where everything seems surreal. Sometimes, though I feel like I am just observing the world around me and not participating. My life remains in a fixed point while life as it should be just passes by.

8 Responses to “Are you sleep-walking through your waking state or wake-walking through your dreams?”

  1. ako rin, nasa in between bwehehe. pero if i have to choose, i think i’m wake-walking in my dreams. πŸ˜€

  2. nyornyornyor… wala akong masabi. masyado akong masaya kagabi para masabing hindi ako nagparticipate sa mundo. ayokong marealize ko na panaginip lang yun. =P

  3. @Tinats Your dream is only real while you’re still asleep… But then can’t we say the same about life? – Nga naman

    @Meemax, kung ganyan nga naman ako kasaya at panaginip lang pala lahat, ayoko ko na magising πŸ˜›

  4. bwahaha, LSS na naman yan madam!

  5. @tinats! ilabas na lang natin sa videoke ang pagnyonyornyor natin!

  6. bwahahaha gusto mo bang bumagyo? :p

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