Jason Mraz Concert

Watched the Jason Mraz concert yesterday at the Shibuya AX with my friend, Tha.



We were supposed to meet Jem but due to a rather unorthodox way of letting people in, we never got to. Instead of the usual queue, people were let in according to ticket numbers. So much for taking the half day off and lining up at 4pm (the concert starts at 7pm). Great.

Tha and I while waiting for Jem outside the Shibuya-AX

Tha and I while waiting for Jem outside the Shibuya-AX

The hall was almost packed when we got in. I was so excited! This is my very first Japan concert experience! I was excited to jam with the Japanese crowd. We had to squeeze ourselves in through the sea of bodies just to get a good view of the stage. It’s really such a bummer to be only 5 feet tall.

The Japanese, known for their politeness, decorum and value for personal space transform into their Tokyo train rush hour mode in such events. You are going to be pushed, stepped on and slammed against. There really is no such thing as personal space and it really, really sucks when the person beside you reeks of tremendous body odor and being only five feet tall meant having your nose right along the vicinity of his armpit. Great. Oooooh, I just can’t wait for him to raise his arms to clap to the music.

Anyway, the concert was great! Loved Jason Mraz’ hair (hehehe, yun talaga inuna, eh no? ) and of course his music, great guitarist that he is. The percussions were awesome! Love you percussionist guy, Toca Rivera! Love your voice, too! Love the sax! The bassist was really hot, too! Hehehe. Amazing night. Uber bitin! Bilis natapos πŸ˜› “1000 Things” is officially my favorite Jason Mraz song πŸ™‚

It was raining really hard when the concert ended and since we still can’t find Jem, Tha decided to go ahead. Neither Tha nor I have have an umbrella and we ran all the way to the Shibuya Station in the pouring rain. Fun! I was soaking wet but it was so much fun running across the Shibuya intersection in the rain. Some experience!

I can’t wait for my next concert experience. Hope U2 comes to Japan again!

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