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3 Weeks Na ako dito sa Japan

Posted in Jologs in Japan with tags on May 30, 2008 by niennavarda

3 weeks na ko dito sa Japan pero dahil uber busy ako, wala akong time magsulat. 3 weeks pa lang at uber dami na rin bloopers at kalokohan. Will update you on my life, hopefully soon.

Circles Event Cafe

Posted in Food Reviews with tags , , on May 1, 2008 by niennavarda

My friend, Marnie, dragged my jologs ass last Saturday to have buffet lunch with him at the swanky Circles Event Cafe at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. I’ve read reviews that Circles has one of the best buffets in the city and so despite being in a drunken state till the wee hours of morning, I could not pass this opportunity to satisfy the budding connoisseur in me. I skipped breakfast to make the most of my three hour stay and to give in to one of the seven deadly sins.

When I entered the restaurant, the amount of food struck me. There was so much of it! I mean a roomful of bread, cheese, greens, roasted meat, seafood, curry, dimsum and chocolates. For a moment there, I kinda forgot that I was actually living in a third world country and that we currently have a food crisis. But then again, Circles is definitely not the place to ponder on such things.

Marnie and I attacked the salad bar first. Growing up in Baguio, I would die for salads and if you love greens as much as I do, Circles is the place for you. You can create your own version of a scrumptious salad by adding on from a variety of greens, cheese, smoked fish, chicken, fruits and dressings. If only the buffet lasted longer and there were no other entrees to try, I would have stuffed myself to death with different salad combinations 🙂

After having our salad, Marnie and I went straight to sample the sushi and seafood bar. Well, after having a rather satisfying plate of salad, you can’t blame me for having high expectations. Unfortunately, though, the seafood, sushi and sashimi were such a disappointment. I’ve tasted better sushi and sashimi and there was no uni (sea urchin) so it was really such a let down. Granted that maybe, seafood is just not Circle’s forte but crabs and prawns having flavor next to nothing is just unforgivable. Fancy sauces and dressings can never compensate for lack of natural flavors. The only saving grace of the seafood bar were the mussels. Yes, that’s how mussels should be.

Before we knew it 2 hours went by so quickly and our tummies were almost full. We just grabbed some more dimsum, veggies, risotto and buttered fish, stuffed them into our mouths and went straight for the dessert. And I can say, Circle’s desserts are something they could be proud of. Everything was just sublime. The dessert bar was overflowing with dark chocolate, fruits, pudding, cakes, ice cream and have I already mentioned chocolate? Chocolates galore! I had tiramisu, blueberry and cheese pudding, creme brulee, pudding, leche flan, chocolate flakes filled with ganache, strawberry ice cream, white wine jelly with blueberries, fresh fruits and fruits dipped in chocolate. I loved everything! Too bad we had limited time. Next time I would go to Circles, I would sample everything! For dessert lovers, don’t forget to try their white wine jelly with blueberries. It truly is something 🙂

Many thanks to Marnie for bringing me to Circles Event Cafe 🙂 Next year ulit pag-uwi ko galing Japan 🙂