And the Rehab Ends…

I am Niennavarda and I am an alcoholic…

The first step is to admit that you have a problem…

Friend 1: Nagpaparehab ka ngayon? Bakit?!!! :-O

Niennavarda: Oo… Addict ako eh…

Friend 1: Huh?! Addict?! Addict saan?!

Niennavarda: Sa jutes, sa bato, sa ecstasy…

Friend 1: (Speechless…)

Friend 1: (Still speechless…)

Niennavarda: Uy, ok ka lang? You know, it can happen to anyone…

Friend 1: Oo… pero bato?

Niennavarda: =))

My rehab session ended this morning and I am sure going to miss making jokes out of my predicament. My doctor told me that I can continue the exercises I’ve been doing at home. I just need to buy ankle weights and endure looking like an idiot while executing the rather peculiar patterns I have to trace while walking/jogging forward and in reverse. Tracing an asterisk-like pattern is not as easy as it looks.

While I am totally relieved that it is finally over, I am going to miss Candy, the sweetest Physical Therapist in the whole wide world and all the kind souls I have encountered at the Philippine Heart Center Rehab Section, from the cleaning lady, the guards, the receptionist and all the other therapists like Lex and Joanne. Apart from your superb service, all your encouragement meant a lot to me and contributed to my fast recovery. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much 🙂 I would also like to thank Dr. Consuelo Suarez, my Rehab doctor for performing the miracle of making me be able to walk in a short span of a week’s therapy. This coming from a really painful knee and walking in crutches. Ang galing mo doc 🙂

I still can’t run or do jump shots this summer but I’m already well enough to jog! Wag lang aabuso since the injury is still there. Off to Japan I go in a month 🙂

I can also already enjoy the fruits of my labor and splurge on myself! Spending 700 Php on rehab and taxi fees (doctor’s fees are still another story…) every other day is surely not a joke. Wahahaha! I am going to treat myself on the next payday 😀

To everyone out there, take good care of yourselves. Be aware. Accidents happen in the most mundane circumstances. And don’t forget to enjoy life! You never know when your last day on earth is going to be 🙂

Excited na ako sa ASTRA outing next week 🙂 Yahoo! And maybe I can already buy the swimsuit I had my eye on last week… 🙂

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