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U2 3D

Posted in Happenings on April 23, 2008 by niennavarda

Watched U2 3D last Monday with a friend at The Block. I had to continuously remind myself that Bono wasn’t really there kasi muntik ko na talaga siya dambahin 😛

I love U2! Bono rocks and I think The Edge is the best guitarist in the whole damn world. U2 is living proof that you can make a difference in this world and be cool.

Ang tagal ko nang di nagsusulat…

Posted in To Forget or Not to Forget with tags , on April 23, 2008 by niennavarda

Ang tagal ko nang di nagsusulat. Di dahil walang bagong nangyayari sa buhay ko kundi’t ang kabaligtaran. Ang daming kong gustong ikuwento pero mas kailangan kong magtago. Ang hirap ng maraming sekreto. Mahirap, magulo pero masaya rin. Siguro pagkalipas ng maraming taon at matanda na ako, gagawa ako ng libro tungkol sa buhay ko. Makulay, parang sinabawang gulay.

I am finally at peace with myself

Posted in Mga Karunungan on April 10, 2008 by niennavarda

Yun lang, I am finally at peace with myself 🙂

And the Rehab Ends…

Posted in Happenings, Mga Karunungan with tags , , , on April 9, 2008 by niennavarda

I am Niennavarda and I am an alcoholic…

The first step is to admit that you have a problem…

Friend 1: Nagpaparehab ka ngayon? Bakit?!!! :-O

Niennavarda: Oo… Addict ako eh…

Friend 1: Huh?! Addict?! Addict saan?!

Niennavarda: Sa jutes, sa bato, sa ecstasy…

Friend 1: (Speechless…)

Friend 1: (Still speechless…)

Niennavarda: Uy, ok ka lang? You know, it can happen to anyone…

Friend 1: Oo… pero bato?

Niennavarda: =))

My rehab session ended this morning and I am sure going to miss making jokes out of my predicament. My doctor told me that I can continue the exercises I’ve been doing at home. I just need to buy ankle weights and endure looking like an idiot while executing the rather peculiar patterns I have to trace while walking/jogging forward and in reverse. Tracing an asterisk-like pattern is not as easy as it looks.

While I am totally relieved that it is finally over, I am going to miss Candy, the sweetest Physical Therapist in the whole wide world and all the kind souls I have encountered at the Philippine Heart Center Rehab Section, from the cleaning lady, the guards, the receptionist and all the other therapists like Lex and Joanne. Apart from your superb service, all your encouragement meant a lot to me and contributed to my fast recovery. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much 🙂 I would also like to thank Dr. Consuelo Suarez, my Rehab doctor for performing the miracle of making me be able to walk in a short span of a week’s therapy. This coming from a really painful knee and walking in crutches. Ang galing mo doc 🙂

I still can’t run or do jump shots this summer but I’m already well enough to jog! Wag lang aabuso since the injury is still there. Off to Japan I go in a month 🙂

I can also already enjoy the fruits of my labor and splurge on myself! Spending 700 Php on rehab and taxi fees (doctor’s fees are still another story…) every other day is surely not a joke. Wahahaha! I am going to treat myself on the next payday 😀

To everyone out there, take good care of yourselves. Be aware. Accidents happen in the most mundane circumstances. And don’t forget to enjoy life! You never know when your last day on earth is going to be 🙂

Excited na ako sa ASTRA outing next week 🙂 Yahoo! And maybe I can already buy the swimsuit I had my eye on last week… 🙂

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All About Me

Posted in Samu't Saring Angst on April 3, 2008 by niennavarda

I am already 27 years old but I am still clueless about who I am and what I want. When I was my mother’s age, she already knew that what she wanted was to have a happy and loving family of her own. To top it off, she was already taking care of three screaming toddlers and deciding for the well being of a whole family. I can’t even decide what to eat for breakfast.

Blame it on the “30 is the new 20” shebang. While this phenomenon may bring a lot of good, I don’t want to hide behind it to mask my shortcomings. I also think that the only people who will benefit from this are those gifted with extraordinary longer lifespan and I don’t think I’m part of the fortunate population given the amount of alcohol I consume every week.

Don’t get me wrong. Running out of time is the least bit of my worries. It’s more of that at this age, I must at least already have a full grasp of who I am… but I don’t. The disquiet I am feeling now is more of wanting to know the embodiment of who I really am and not just wanting to know an aspect like what career path to take.

Character-wise, what am I? Who am I? I am afraid of waking up one day realizing that I am actually a monster.

I’ve read somewhere that who we are now are products of decisions we’ve made in the past and who we are going to be will be products of our decisions now. Looking back, I wonder if I made the right decisions each time life threw crap at me. The decisions I’ve made must have been a random mess judging from the identity- crisis- ridden product that is me now. Deciding from an identity- crisis- ridden self is also a scary thought given that our decisions now mold us into who we will become. Gad, I wonder what will become of me in the future.

Someone recently told me that in order to know who you are, you have to know what you want and what you don’t want. I am currently trying out different things and figuring out if each thing I try suits me or not. I hope I make the right decisions each time. I must admit that the trial and error involved can be excruciating. You will find yourself getting hurt countless of times. But the experience could be fun, too. Nothing beats being there and doing that. So I will just take the good with the bad and decide as I go along the way.

American Gods: My Pretentious Book Review

Posted in Books/Book Review with tags , , on April 2, 2008 by niennavarda

I have just finished reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods a couple of days ago and I must admit, I am utterly disappointed.

Neil Gaiman is already Neil Gaiman and nothing I would say in this obscure blog could change that. The book just fell short of my expectations. After reading all of The Sandman graphic novels, I was expecting the same powerful effect it had on me but it never came. The book was too long and had too many characters. The characters lack character build-up. It would have been more interesting if I got to know the characters better. People who are clueless about mythology and ancient gods would sure be lost.

The beginning was exciting enough but the book dragged on and on for hundreds of pages. A brief turn of events happened sometime in the end but how the war ended was so corny, I just couldn’t take it. The book was also filled with a lot of cliches like “…for each moment of sorrow we get when people leave the world, there is a corresponding moment of joy when a new baby comes into the world” – I mean how may times have this line already been used?! And Low-Key Lyesmith as Loki Lie-Smith?! Ugh! I was expecting more creativity from Gaiman.

I don’t want to make conclusions as of this point but maybe Neil Gaiman isn’t that much of a novelist as he is a comics author. But what does a hardware engineer know of such things other than being an avid reader? I would still give Neil Gaiman a chance. Next in line in my reading list is “Stardust”. I enjoyed the movie. Hope the book isn’t that much of a disappointment, else, I’ll just be sticking to his graphic novels.

Gusto kong umiyak pero di ko magawa

Posted in Samu't Saring Angst on April 1, 2008 by niennavarda

Someone, anyone, teach me how to cry please. I really need a good cry. It has been long overdue.