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Batang RF Cage Ka Ba?

Posted in Buhay sa UP on February 18, 2008 by niennavarda
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Ang sumusunod na teaser ay likha ni Athan, (isa sa mga pinakacool na taong kilala ko on the face of the universe) para sa isang Havana shindig ng mga Batang RF Cage. Miss ko na ang selda. Ang caricature naman sa taas ay likha ni Ariel. The best talaga ang mga Batang RF Cage! Nasaan na kayong lahat? Nagkalat na ba tayo all over the planet?

kilala mo ba kung sino ang da best?
ang homework mo ba ay mukhang “4 letter word”?
sinunod mo ba ang “do good, be the cum laude, roar!”?
nakapagtupi ka na ba ng aluminum?
baog ka na ba dahil sa pag-kuha ng radiation pattern?
nakagawa ka na ba ng keychain sa fr4?
may mantsa ba ng ferric chloride ang damit mo?
na-verbal abuse ka ba dahil sa pagkuha ng gamit sa 115?
may padlak ba ang iyong toolbox?
marunong ka bang mag-smash?
nakapaglaro ka ba ng battle city, punchout at megaman sa laptop?
lima ba account mo sa koc?
kilala mo ba si rodrigo, jograd, chismaxx at chismixx?
napanuod mo ba ang kungpow at lotr0?
nakakain ka na ba sa talyer?
nakapagpyesta ka na ba sa halagang 10 pesos?
natusok ka na ba ng urchin?
peyborit mo ba si mama m?
kumakain ka ba ng hilaw na spam?
member ka ba ng hpsl at pp?
alam mo ba kung asan ang cel 3?
kung alam mo pinagsasabi ko e imbitado ka sa sabado ng gabi.
tentative na 7 – 11 pm. sa havana ktv sa visayas ave.
ipaalam sa mga kasamahan mo kung sasama ka para di ka tablado!
love lots, mwahugs and take care!

asteeg. rak en rol!
\m/- ^_^ -\m/

Refer to Psych

Posted in Fact is Stranger than Fiction, Peculiarities on February 18, 2008 by niennavarda


I went to see my doctors at the East Ave. Medical Center last Saturday with my siblings and Kuya Caloy to have my knee checked. It was my first time to go to the said hospital and I just want to ask, why is the Orthopedic Department, for the love of everything good, located at the building’s 6th floor? I mean, it just doesn’t make sense. Does the administration get some sadistic pleasure from seeing their physically challenged patients limp, grope and struggle all the way to the 6th floor? Anyway, just a thought. For all I know they think the exercise would do us good.

Anyway, as I was saying, I went to see my doctors to have my knee checked. I was kind of embarrassed to tell my doctors at first as to how I got my injury in the first place (I mean being hit by a truck sounds way better than injuring your knee for lack of active neurons ). I mean, how’s sheer stupidity for a reason, right? But the good thing was my doctors were all good natured and understanding (stupidity does occur in the species) and such things do happen (to about .0000000000000000001% of the population).

They went through the routine of poking my knee, bending my leg to different angles and checking for my x-ray. After a couple of minutes of tests (and about 45 minutes of waiting for the x-ray), my doctors found… nothing. Yes, nothing. According to my doctors, it doesn’t seem like I have meniscal injuries since I could contract certain muscles in my leg and not feel pain and my x-ray showed that I have no fractures whatsoever. Ummm… so the pain was just like ummm… in my mind? “So I’ll just have to refer you to psych then…”, was my doctor’s reply. Great. I knew I was going crazy right from the very beginning.

Kidding aside, my doctors told me that I just strained my knee too much and gave me kick ass meds to relieve the pain and to aid me walking. They also told me to try to walk my left leg normally, else I’d be saying hello to atrophy next. I’ll be visiting them again in a week to give an update on my follow up check-up.

I could say that my knee feels better now and I could walk without any assistance. The drugs make me feel woozy but it beats the hell out of not being able to walk without benevolent souls around me. To my doctors, thank you, thank you, thank you very much 🙂

But I must say, there’s still this voice I hear every now and then telling me this is not the end to it. I guess I need a different doctor for that.

The Difference Between a Geek, a Nerd and a Dork

Posted in Nuggets of Wisdom on February 15, 2008 by niennavarda

An age old question and something I’ve been curious about for a very long time. What’s the defining line? What category do I fit in? Where do you think you fit in?

How I know I belong to at least one category? Only a total dork, geek or nerd would dwell on such things.


So that would make me a dork and a geek (yes, I belong to the dorks-geeks intersection. hehehe). But I still want to know what a nerd is. My curiosity is no sated.

BTW, the comic strip above was created by one of my mamaw idolos, Jorge Cham.

The full comic strip of Piled Higher and Deeper can be viewed here.

Mabuhay ang mga dorks at geeks! 🙂

Obligatory Balentimes Post

Posted in Random Thoughts on February 14, 2008 by niennavarda


Balentimes day na naman at makikigaya ako kay tinats sa obligatory balemtimes post niya for lack of anything else to write. Hehehe. But well, I’m not that obligated, I do want to write kahit wala akong masulat.

Balentimes na naman. Back in college, I never really cared about this damn day until I got acquainted with mushy feelings and how one is obligated to celebrate it with your significant other. Before that, I had a blockmate (a close friend) who supplied me with roses and chocolates every year just so I wouldn’t be out of place. But that was just about it. I didn’t find Valentines day special until I became aware of it. Kainis pag nagising na ang diwa mo sa mga ganitong bagay. There is no turning back. After I broke up with my ex(es), the day became loathsome. Not because I feel lonely but because I feel out of place. It’s a cursed day where you couldn’t invite your girlfriends to party or your guyfriends to a drinking spree. I having nothing to do. It’s like having a big gap in your calendar. It’s also a day where you have to explain to tons of people why you still don’t have a boyfriend, a date or even just a semblance of a romantic life. It really gets to my nerves.

This Valentine’s day, however, I feel light. I don’t feel antagonistic. And what’s this? I think I even feel… happy, excited. Weird. Really weird. Some forces in the universe might have changed or maybe it’s… you?

Don’t You Think It’s Funny

Posted in Samu't Saring Angst, To Forget or Not to Forget on February 11, 2008 by niennavarda

Don’t you think it’s funny that whenever I’m in pain, I’m scared, I’m lonely and I don’t know what to do, it’s you I still think of? I don’t.  But you’re there and I can’t take you out of my mind.

Knee Injury Rantings and Learnings

Posted in Samu't Saring Angst, Vanity, Whinings on February 11, 2008 by niennavarda

It has been exactly a week since I got my knee injured. It’s getting better but it still hurts a little and I still can’t put my whole weight on it when I walk. This is the first physical injury I’ve ever had limiting my everyday activities. This event has put a lot of things in perspective.

I’ve been oscillating from depression to blind optimism for the past days. Depression is my default phase then I would console myself to blind optimism which wouldn’t last thus the vicious cycle. I am not one who is easy on himself when one commits mistakes especially if the the mistakes have tremendous consequences and if the mistakes are just from sheer stupidity. I should have followed that still, small voice inside me telling me not pursue that gym application. Truth is, god, I really hate myself right now. Why did I allow this to happen to myself?

Limping for a week and still needing to go to places, one sees through the eyes of the physically challenged. One feels defenseless against all imagined evils. Crossing a street becomes a hundred times more scary. Public-utility-vehicle-drivers  stopping in the middle of a busy street to let you down becomes a million times more evil in your sight and you can’t kick their balls because you’re limping. People stare at you like a freak as you pass by. Plus it’s really depressing to experience how some people can be so inconsiderate of your predicament. People can be so evil sometimes.

But I’ve also learned that there are people out there who have good hearts and who would go out of their way to help you. Like drive you back to your boarding house despite being out of the way and despite of the exorbitant price of gasoline, push your swivel chair around the office and to the restroom so you wouldn’t have to stand up, get your milk from the canteen at the building’s first floor so you can have your breakfast of cereals and coffee at your second floor office, support you as you go down the stairs, go inside a car and limp across the corridor. And of course, there are your parents and siblings who are outraged by the gym’s lack of overseeing and instruction and who never left my side and made me feel better by their encouragement and tender loving care.

To everyone who has made me feel better (you know who you are), thank you, thank you, thank you very much.  I am deeply touched by your kindness. I hope my knee recovers fast so I wouldn’t need to have an MRI. Waaah!

Balentimes Month na Naman!!!

Posted in Samu't Saring Angst on February 7, 2008 by niennavarda
“Darating siya, alam ko darating siya at mamahalin niya ako para sa mga taong hindi nagmahal sa akin…”

-Maricel Soriano in “Ikaw pa lang ang Minahal”

Singles’ awareness month na naman. Kainis ang buwan na to. Tantanan niyo kaming mga single ha? Mas masaya kayang maging single. Ayaw lang namin ng mga taong nangungulit kung bakit ganito pa rin ang status namin. Sabi ko nga sa previous entry ko: I am a whole being, I am not a half being looking for my other half. Pero sa mga taong attached na, enjoy-enjoy lang! Espesyal ang buwan na to! Espesyal din ang mga taong pinapanganak sa buwan na ito (uhrmm…) and this year 29 days siya 🙂 Ayos!