I am Legend

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This movie sucked. It had an intriguing start which made you sit at the edge of your seat and expect more but the last 30 minutes was like pouring ICE COLD WATER over yourself. It was just terrible. Not even Will Smith’s strong performance could save it from a total wreck.

I hate it when people make me expect and put me down. Movies have the same effect on me.

It seems like the producers were all in a hurry to finish the film and cut it short. It was empty. It lacks character build up. Everything went down after Dr. Neville’s dog died. I mean, what’s up with the girl and the child appearing out of nowhere? And what’s up with those “zombies/vampires?” What makes them tick? Where do they get all their rage? Why do they hate Dr. Neville so much? Was this movie an effect of the WGA strike? It seemed like the beginning and ending was written by two totally different people or one with a classic case of Multiple Personality Disorder. Man, you’ve got to give those writers what they want. I wouldn’t want to take any more movie crap like this one.

In addition, I’m quite disconcerted with the running water. Why is there running water? The electricity, I can understand but water? Who is running that service? You’ve got to pay attention to those details, man. It’s irritating.

Overall, the movie had a great start but ended in a flop. I would give it 5 raw tomatoes. Hilaw, pare, hilaw.

6 Responses to “I am Legend”

  1. nakakaburaot nga itong pelikulang ito. hmmm. ginulat lang ako nang ginulat eh.

  2. nakakaaliw basahin blog mo 🙂

  3. Pat! Hehehe 🙂 Blog mo din nakaka-aliw. Di ko akalaing nagbblog ka rin pala. Sama kita sa blog roll ko ha at bibisita ako palagi sa site mo 😀 Regards mo ko kay Sheila 🙂

  4. badtrip nga. asar lang tong pelikulang ito.

    try mo bee movie. happy enuf! 😀

  5. Yup, mahilig ako magblog pag may time 😛 actually, i have 2. ung isa para sa amin ni sheila (www.kitnkat.blogspot.com). etong i love oreo, pang satisfy ng OCness ko hehehe. sinama na rin kita sa blogroll ko 🙂 i’ll send your regards to sheila. 🙂

  6. btw, asteeg ng pangalan ng blog mo :)) and i love the design 🙂

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