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I love food and I love checking out new restaurants. People have been goading me to write about my food experiences but I have been unable to due to my deadly sickness called sloth.

But then, I’ve changed! First jogging then my very first food review! I must really be inspired. Hehehe.

First stop, Gumbo! The two branches I know are in the The Block and SM Mall of Asia. I’ve also recently found out that there’s a branch at Robinson’s Place Manila. Jenny-sensei and I went to Gumbo, the Block last night betraying our jogging mates of our sacred pact of eating healthy, low fat foods until Sir Tibo’s wedding (I’m very sorry, guys!). Babawi na lang kami mamaya. hehehe πŸ˜›

We had their best-seller, Jambalaya, Buffalo Wings and Hurricane (and because I wasn’t listening closely enough, I didn’t quite get it if this was a rum-based drink or something else :P). The Buffalo Wings was good especially if you are particularly fond of the moldy aftertaste some cheese have (the dressing was made of some cheese concoction and I hope the moldy aftertaste was really how it should be. hehe). The Jambalaya however, did not meet my expectation. I mean what’s all the hype? The flavor was good enough and the seafood was cooked the way it should be but I guess I’m just not a big fan of mushy rice. The texture reminds me of a lot of disgusting things. Hehehe. The Hurricane was sooo sweet, Jenny-sensei and I weren’t able to finish our glasses.

But Gumbo isn’t really all that bad. That’s why I came back. The first time I visited Gumbo was with my siblings last December. We had putanesca, some sort of marinara pizza, which I forgot the name (Sorry, walang kwentang food blogger. Ang tagal na kasi nun eh, hehe) and the complimentary Buffalo Wings. The putanesca and pizza was great! You can distinctly taste the different ingredients and they all blend perfectly. The servings were huge, too. This gives Gumbo a big + in my book. The food would have been sublime if we were able to wash them down with some white wine. But unfortunately, Gumbo does not serve white wine by the glass and we can’t finish a whole bottle so we just had to content ourselves with some beer. I should also give it to Gumbo for its excellent service. Our service charge was not wasted. Hehehe.

Overall, I give Gumbo an A- rating. Good food, great ambiance, excellent service πŸ™‚

(By the way, since I didn’t bring a camera with me, the picture above was just shameless taken from this site. I would like to extend my thanks to the author and photographer :))

Butt Enhancement

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…Actually it does. That’s why I jog πŸ™‚
45 days till Sir Tibo’s Wedding. Go jogging mates! Jogging nang jogging!

The Missing Piece

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“I am a whole being, I am not a half being looking for my other half.”

– ang karaniwan kong sinasabi kung kinukulit ako tungkol sa “unattached” status ko



I first read this story in my Psych 101 elective back in college. Dahil sa pagpapaala ni Tinats maraming nahalukay na alaala at emosyon sa infernal abyss ng aking pagkatao. Maraming salamat Tinats sa inspirasyon πŸ™‚

This story is more or less the story of my life. Nagawa at naranasan ko na yata lahat ng endeavors at encounters ng missing piece kaya tawa ako nang tawa nung binabasa ko to. Natatawa ako pero nostalgic din. Hehehe.

Good thing that after too many blunders, I’ve finally learned not to depend my happiness on anyone. I am no longer a missing piece. I have become whole.

The Good and Not-so Good Old Days

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Got this picture from Regilyn’s site. This picture was taken back in college when life was way simpler and passing or failing an exam meant the world. This picture made me kind of feel my age. Wahahaha! Si-nepia pa talaga ni Reg πŸ˜› Anyway, I particularly like this picture because it is the kind of picture you show your grandchildren and say:

“This used to be your Ninang Karen, she’s as makulit as ever. This was Tita Reg and Tito Mike. They were already a couple back then. This was Tito Jor-el, he was such a heart throb. And this was my ex-boyfriend… he’s dead.” Wehehehe.

I know it’s such a cliche but time really does fly. So much have changed and a lot of things happened in between. Some of us grew apart. Some had major conflicts and are now on non-speaking terms (some can’t even bear being in the same room together). But some still remain and are the closest friends πŸ™‚ Relationships may have been ruptured but it can’t be denied that we have been witnesses of each others’ lives during those turbulent years when we were still figuring out what our puny existence meant to the world. So to hell with sentimentality and bitterness.

We journey through this life and meet people along the way (corny but true). But crossroads come and decisions are made. The people dearest to us choose paths that are more than usually not the same as our own. That is something we just have to accept. Ganun talaga ang buhay (cliche :P). Life goes on (still another cliche :P). But who knows, paths intertwine. We might journey together once more. So guys (and other estranged friends), till our paths meet again πŸ˜‰

May Beer Belly na Ako

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After taking a bath this morning and looking at myself in the mirror, I noticed that my tummy is a little bigger than it used to be – and I am not pregnant. I am not usually vain but.. Ano ‘to, beer belly? Waaaah! This is what one gets when the only form of recreation one does these days is drinking beer and feasting on sisig, steak and inihaw na pusit with siblings, officemates and friends. Good god. Plus buhay baboy pa ako. Pa’no na lang ang hotness body ko? I have an image to live up to. Wahahahahahaha πŸ˜›

Quiting on beer is definitely not an option so that leaves… exercise? Good thing my darling officemates have this resolution of jogging at least three times a week πŸ™‚ Sama na lang ako sa kanila as often as I can. Dapat sexy kami lahat pagdating ng kasal ni Sir Tibo. Wehehe πŸ˜€ Yoohoo! We should all have a body worthy to be displayed πŸ˜€

Project #1: Get a body worthy to be displayed sa Kasal ni Sir Tibo πŸ™‚

Masakit ang Puso Ko Ngayon

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I’m feeling a dull ache in my heart right now and I don’t think it’s just because of Heath Ledger’s untimely death.Β  It’s not PMS either. I’m confused. Kainis. I’m not supposed to feel this way. I thought I’ve already numbed myself from disappointments after getting nothing but that for so long. I’m not so numb after all. Stupid memories. How does one get selective amnesia? Arrgh! Can I just bang my head against a wall? Arrrgh!!!

Maalindog Pala Ako Eh!

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My sister’s neighbor/friend made this comment to her during their drinking party last Saturday:


“Ang ganda ng ate mo, noh? Yung ganda niya yung tipong… maalindog…”


Ayos! Hehehe. Di ko alam kung matutuwa ba ko o kelangan ko nang magtago. Anyways, maalindog pala, ha? Patay kayo sa alindog ko! Wehehehehe πŸ˜€


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Torpe… kainis

huwag na lang kaya hari ng katorpehan
huwag huwag na lang kaya
di ka ba nagsasawa sa liwanag ng buwan?

namamatay na ang mga rosas sa tabi
di ka pa rin bumibili
nauubos na ang oras sa kahihintay
pero ni sulat, ni tawag, wala

ba’t mo pa kailangan ng tulay?
kahit ulap nagsasabi tayo’y bagay
ba’t mo pa kailangang magtanong?
kung alam mo na, alam mo na

namamatay na ang mga rosas sa tabi
di ka pa rin bumibili
nauubos na ang oras sa kahihintay
pero ni sulat, ni tawag, wala

namamatay na ang mga rosas sa tabi
di ka pa rin bumibili
nauubos na ang oras sa kahihintay

bilisan mo na ngayon kasi tumatakbo ang tren
bilisan mo na ngayon
iiwanan ka, iiwanan

ayoko ng torpe
pero gusto kita

(like, duh!)

– by Barbie Almabis

Mugen, Mocha and Matsuo

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Uhrmmm… Hehe… Ayaw ko mag-elaborate. Tignan niyo na lang multiply account ko dito.

Wehehehe πŸ˜‰

Iskolar ng Bayan Survey

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Kailangan yatang dagdagan ang ginagawa ko ah… Pumatol ba naman sa survey? Hehehe, anyway, Iskolar ng Bayan Survey naman eh (palusot pa!) πŸ˜›

1. Student number: 98-37126

2. College: Engineering

3. Ano ang Major mo? – BS Electonics and Communications Engineering

4. Nag-shift ka ba o na-kickout?

Nope, nakagraduate ako sa Eng’g!!! (after n! years nga lang)

5. Saan ka kumuha ng UPCAT?

UP Baguio

6. Favorite GE subject?

Soc Sci 1 (Sir Palis!), Soc Sci 2 (kung saan ko natutunan and ibig sabihin ng pagiging ‘Machiavellian’) at STS (Prof. Arcilla!) kung saan nanonood lang kami ng sine at kung saan ko natutunan ang ‘Science of Beauty’ (0.7 pala ang dapat na waist to hip ratio ng mga babae para maging sexy… 0.74 ako – malapit na! hehehe)

7. Favorite PE?

Lahat ng PE ko: Swimming, Social Dance, Street Dance, Wall Climbing at Basic Life Saving πŸ™‚

8. Saan ka nag-aabang ng hot babe/men

Unfortunately, dahil ECE ako, wala akong oras at interes sa mga hot men. Kelangan kong paganahin ang MP ko.

9. Favorite prof(s):

Doc M, the best! CEL, no. 1! Sinundan ko pa siya hanggang sa kung saan siya nagtratrabaho as a consultant at nagpakadalubhasa ako sa RF. Sa’n ka pa? Hehe πŸ˜›

10. Pinaka-ayaw na GE subject.

Kasaysayan I – yuck talaga ‘to. Bakit kasi wala pang RGEP nung panahon ko?

11. Kumuha ka ba ng Saturday classes?

Basic Life Saving at Swimming πŸ™‚

12. Nakapag-field trip ka ba?

Yep, para sa PI 100. Ang creepy ng mga simbahan. Ayoko nang pumasok sa mga ganun.

13. Naging CS ka na ba or US sa UP?

Yep, nung first year. After that, masaya na ako kung pumasa man ako sa mga EEE subjects ko (diyos ko po! iniiyakan talaga ang EEE 23 at COE 115). My God, maraming salamat at nakagraduate ako!!!

14. Dorm, Boarding house, o Bahay? – Molave Residence Hall

15. Kung walang UPCAT test at malaya kang nakapili ng kurso mo sa UP, ano yun?

It’s not the getting in to UP that’s hard, it’s the staying. Yahoo!!! Nakagraduate akong ECE!!! Wootwoot!

16. Sino ang pinaka-una mong nakilala sa UP?

Karen Anne Garcia Conanan πŸ™‚ Still one of my closest friends πŸ™‚

18. First play na napanood mo sa UP?

St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos – di ko to nagustuhan pero mataas nakuha ko sa reaction paper. Hehehe πŸ˜‰

19. Saan ka madalas mag-lunch? – Molave Cafeteria

20. Masaya ba sa UP? – The best!

21 . Nakasama ka na ba sa rally?

Never kahit para sa EDSA 2. Nag-aaral yata ako nung mga panahon na yun.

22. Ano ang favorite spot mo sa UP?

Acer, saan na nga ulit yun? … Joke πŸ˜›