Whine, whine, whine

God, I love to whine! I don’t know, I just do. There’s nothing like letting out your frustrations in an annoying manner. It gets to people’s nerves, I know. But I guess that is exactly why whining was invented in the first place – to get into people’s nerves! It was precisely created to get people to notice, to get them to care! You want them to care because you care.

I whine a lot because I care a lot and I want people to share my pain. The moment I stop whining would be the moment I stopped caring – and it would be a sad, sad world after that. As much as I want to just take it all in and shut my mouth, I know I would just explode.

I would speak up wherever there is injustice, whenever someone is wronged. I would speak my mind when I disagree. I do not always have to take everything and conform because what I think and what I have to say matter. Trivial as they may sound what we have to say count.

When you listen to my whinings closely, if you really listen, you would find that their purposes are not all arrogant and selfish. I want to be true in this world filled with lies. I would not pretend that everything’s ok when something wrong is staring point blank at my face. I may be annoying but at least I am not a hypocrite. And I owe it at least to myself to be real.

2 Responses to “Whine, whine, whine”

  1. whoah! a new super hero? super whiner? haha. great powers comes from great responsibilities. so whine to an acceptable level. or better yet, act as you whine. 😉

  2. Wehehe 😛 Tama ka diyan Athan! We only get the right to whine when we actually do something about all the crap we encounter. Hehe… need to do more and whine less 😛

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